Club Penguin Money Maker FAQs

How do I use the Club Penguin Money Maker?

First go to the Club Penguin Money Maker page and follow the instructions there.

Will I get banned if I use the Club Penguin Money Maker?

There is virtually no risk of being banned from the game using this money maker because Club Penguin almost never bans a penguin for having too many coins. If you would like to be as safe as possible, a good amount of coins to stay below is 50,000 at any given time, however this is never really necessary.

Why isn’t the money maker working for me?

First make sure you are not logged onto Club Penguin when you use the money maker. If the money maker loads continuously, then there might be a server issue and you should try again at a later time.

How does the Club Penguin Money Maker work?

This money maker works by logging into your penguin and automatically playing Club Penguin games. Our technique gets you the maximum amount of coins for every game it plays, and therefore is the fastest and most efficient way to earn coins in Club Penguin.

Is using the Club Penguin Money Maker hacking?

No. When you use the money maker, your penguin is simply connecting to Club Penguin through Penguin Gold and collecting coins. This does violate Club Penguin’s “no cheating” rule because it connects to the game through a third party, however it is not actually hacking.

Can the Club Penguin Money Maker perform faster?

This money maker currently performs at the fastest possible rate for getting Club Penguin coins. We are always looking for new ways to get coins even faster, and whenever we discover new methods, they are added to our money maker.

Why can’t I use the Club Penguin Money Maker more than once in a row?

This money maker is always being used by Club Penguin players around the world just like you. To allow everyone to use the money maker, we sometimes have to limit the amount of times it can be used. However, the waiting time to use the money maker is not very long, so you can still use the money maker multiple times a day.

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