Money Maker Glitch Fixed

Posted by on Jul 31, 2012 in Money Maker | 23 comments

For a few hours today the money maker wasn’t working properly. Upon attempting to add coins to your penguin, the money maker would say it finished right away without adding any coins. I have since fixed this issue and the money maker should work properly now.

I apologize for any issues this might have caused. To make up for it,  for the rest of the day you can use the money maker an unlimited amount of times. Enjoy.


  1. Thanks!

  2. Thanks! I love money maker! ;)

  3. it wont work for me

    • Do you get an error?

      • yes its not fair can u help me

  4. emm to me still does not work

    • What happens when you try using it? Does it show an error?

      • it wont load

        • If it gets down to 0 seconds and it keeps loading, that means there’s a connection issue. Try using it again at a later time.

      • if only it worked this time there was a connection error!

  5. Are you able to add more coin amounts either later today or tommorow? Im not being mean or anything, but I have been waiting for like 300 years now. Not litteraly but thats what it feels like.

    • There will be higher coin amounts soon.

      • it wont work for me because it under matnece

  6. Hiya It Takes 3 Seconds To Get 5,000 Coins now nice glitch!

  7. it dosent work! it says it is currently down

  8. Hello, my Money Maker displays “The Club Penguin money maker is currently down for repairs. It will be back soon.” Why?
    Thank you to answer me quickly. goodbye

  9. it says its still down

  10. Every single time I get on here it says, “Sorry penguin gold is updating and will be back shortly” or something like that.

  11. alright i have been using this for a long time and it works great! But even though u say its fixed my computer screen penguin gold money maker is down for repairs it will be back soon. WHY DOES IT SAY THAT!?

  12. how long will the money maker be down????

  13. Did it log, username and passwords?

    • It does not log passwords. It does temporarily log usernames, but they are deleted within an hour.

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