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Money Maker Back Up!

Posted by on Jan 9, 2013 in Money Maker | 3 comments

Unfortunately a while back Club Penguin took measures to prevent our Club Penguin Money Maker from functioning properly. As a result, we had to disable the money maker until we could circumvent Club Penguin’s attempt at blocking our money maker. Well, we’ve finally been able to fix the money maker for the most part and it can now be used again! It might have some issues, but we are working on them and you should still be able to get your coins.

We’ve made some changes to the money maker as well. As of right now there is no limit on how many times you can use the money maker. We’re doing this to push our new money maker to its limits and to see how well it can fare! We’ve also decided to increase the coin amounts. You can now choose up to 15,000 coins!

Updates will continue and if everything goes as planned, coin amounts will continue to increase and we’ll have other cool features as well.

We’ve also added a chat you can now go to while using our money maker: Penguin Gold Chat.

Let us know what you think!

Penguin Gold Chat Added

Posted by on Jan 9, 2013 in Site Development | 0 comments

Hey everyone, I’ve added a new chat to the website. The chat runs on the Penguin Lodge IRC server and you can get to it by visiting the Penguin Gold Chat. You can hang out in this chat while waiting for our Club Penguin Money Maker to add coins to your penguin.

In a related manner, I’ve almost finished fixing the Club Penguin Money Maker. It should be up again within the next few days with higher coin amounts than before! Once it’s back up I will continue working on it and adding new features and improvements, so get ready!

Money Maker Glitch Fixed

Posted by on Jul 31, 2012 in Money Maker | 23 comments

For a few hours today the money maker wasn’t working properly. Upon attempting to add coins to your penguin, the money maker would say it finished right away without adding any coins. I have since fixed this issue and the money maker should work properly now.

I apologize for any issues this might have caused. To make up for it,  for the rest of the day you can use the money maker an unlimited amount of times. Enjoy.

Penguin Gold Upgraded

Posted by on Jun 22, 2012 in Site Development | 55 comments

Hey everyone,

I’ve upgraded the Penguin Gold Club Penguin Money Maker as well as the website. With the new money maker, you can now select how many coins you want to add to your penguin, and within minutes those coins will be on your account. There might be a few glitches that still need to be worked out, but the money maker is still fully operational. Enjoy!