About Penguin Gold

Penguin Gold is a free and easy to use money maker for the popular online kid’s game Club Penguin. Our Club Penguin Money Maker can get you thousands of coins in the game Club Penguin in just a few short minutes. Thanks to Penguin Gold, there is no longer a need to spend your time on Club Penguin playing games to earn coins. Getting all the coins you will ever need is just a click away!

Money Maker Features

Unlike other Club Penguin money makers, Penguin Gold offers a variety of features that make it the best way to get coins in the online game Club Penguin.

  • Abosolutely Free
  • No Downloads Necessary
  • Easy To Use
  • Safe and Secure
  • The Fastest Possible Way to Get Coins

Other Penguins Are Saying:

Love it. Now I can buy anything I want. I love the person who came up with this.
Kelly 30,521 coins